ARTILLERY FUNGUS - BLACK SPOT - "Sphaerobolus stellatus" (AKA Cannonball Fungus, Artillery Fungus)  We can get most if not all of the fungus off your car (IE. Black or Brownish dots) Each case is individual and successful extraction may involve additional services like our machine polishing process. CLICK HERE for more information!  
(COST... case by case)

AUTO DETAILING - Our detailing packages and prices are listed under the "PRICES" button.  
Click here for a short cut!

BIO BOMB VAPOR CLEANSING - (for Interior Odors) 
Deep Penetrating Vapor Cleansing. This eliminates all odors, smoke, mold, mildew, pet odors & bacteria. It's the "BOMB" (Literally!)
(COST...$99 Overnight Required)

BRAKE CALIPER & HUB PAINTING - This is a terrific way to clean up the unfinished look of all the rust and raw steel on your calipers behind your wheels! It's a great way to give your car a sporty new look as well!
(Cost...Case by case)

CABIN FILTER SERVICE - If your vehicle has a cabin air filter (Which most late models do) it should be changed at a minimum of annually.  Think of your home heating and air unit filter which is normally changed every month! Nothing like fresh, clean air!

CERAMIC COATING - The latest in ultimate vehicle paint protection! please call for details, there's too much to go over when it comes to these services and we want o make sure we get you the right info and prices! (see more info below listed under Paint Coatings)

CLAY BAR - This process is the only way to remove micro-contamination from the surface of your paint. This is used for maxim results on your vehicles finish. It's also the way we remove overspray. Under normal circumstances your car must be polished and waxed after such a process in order to achieve the best results.
(COST...Starting at $49 but depends of the severity, quantity, and location...Please call 229-0509)

CLEAN AIR SERVICE  (Combo Filter / Vapor/ Maintenance)
Freshen up your cabin air! Your car needs filter service just like your home does. We blow out and sanitize all your heating and air duct work, clean out air box, change the cabin air filter(s) and lastly treat your car to a Deep Penetrating Vapor Cleansing. This eliminates all odors, smoke, mold, mildew, pet odors & bacteria. It's the "BOMB" (Literally!)
(COST...$169 Overnight Required)

DENT REPAIR / HAIL DAMAGE - Use our Friends at Dent Tech Of Lexington! Paintless Dent Repair can save you money!  If we can access the location of the dent, there's a good chance we can fix it!  Of course not all dents are created there are limitations to our repair abilities. Please feel free to text them a picture of your dent they will be happy to try and estimate your cost over the phone. Call / Text 859-797-0676

ENGINE BAY DETAILING - We DO NOT use water only special cleaners and a lot of elbow grease to get the engine, firewall, hood jams and all the reachable components as clean as they can be! This is a dirty and lengthy process. It will usually take 30-60 minutes to do the job right! 
(Cost...Starting at $50)

GIFT CERTIFICATES - All gift cards are good towards most services GorillaShine Detailing Co. offers! (Excluding Window Tinting) You can buy on-line here, in person or by phone and pay via credit card, PayPal or come by the shop at...621 Winchester Rd. Lexington, KY  859-229-0509

​GLASSPARENCY - An advance, transparent treatment that forms a unique sealant and ultra hydrophobic barrier. Think of it like RainX on steroids! Available for windshields only or whole car glass including exterior mirrors. Backed by a 3 Yr warranty with all maintenance applications professionally applied for FREE!
(Cost...Case by case) Check  them out!

HEADLIGHT RESTORATION - Talk about saving money! In most cases we can restore the finish of your cars yellowing headlights to "near-new" condition! This will dramatically improve the look of your car at a fraction of the price of buying new headlight housings. 
(COST...$89 with Lifetime Warranty - or - $59 Without Warranty) 
*Additional cost for more than Two Headlights)

LEATHER CLEAN & CONDITIONED- You should clean & treat your leather at least twice a year! Nothing deteriorates leather faster than our own body oils. Mix this with the dust and grime and soon your leather will look like an old Oklahoma Cowboy! The steering wheel is the most affected! 
(Cost...Starting at $79 for four seats)

MACHINE BUFF & POLISH  (AKA PAINT CORRECTION) - What a process! In most cases we can restore the finish of your car to "near new"! Take a look at our buffing results by clicking here! This process takes time and patience to do it right! We repair a lot of poor attempts at Buffing. We may be more, but no one is better at this than GorillaShine!
(Cost...Case by Case) 

OVERSPRAY REMOVAL - We can get most types of overspray off the surface of your car. UNLIKE others you may call for quotes and get a cheaper price...GorillaShine professionally and correctly removes the contamination via proper techniques. Other companies use damaging chemicals or abrasive tactics and return you car in who knows what condition, I mean you get what you pay for right? We use an automotive clay process, a machine polish along with a full wax to deliver your car in better condition then you thought possible. All the rubber trim and plastic is treated and cleaned as well. 
(COST...depends of the severity, quantity, and location...Please call 229-0509)

PAINT COATINGS - Protection for your vehicle for up to two years! Kamikaze Miyabi Coat is a Glass Coating that is flexible and breathable to adjust to your paints clear coat.  You do not wax over this coating!  It's good on metal, wheels, plastic trim, vinyl graphics and of course painted surfaces.  Great for all colors and can be purchased in multiple application layers to further enhance length of durability shine, protection and hydrophobic properties. For longevity and durability a regular maintenance schedule must be adhered to.  Please see our V.I.G. Maint Plans to help save you money and keep your coating up to snuff!

PAINT CHIP TOUCH-UP - We can get most minor to medium chips touched up with what we describe as a "camouflage repair". What does this mean? Well simply, for the money it's the most cost effective way to get your chips and other touch ups repaired without spending hundreds of dollars on repainting portions of your car. It's done with great precision and will most likely not even be noticed! This process along with some of our other services is a great way to complete your detail so your car looks like it did when new! 
(COST...Starting at $65 but depends of the severity & quantity...Please call 229-0509)

PET HAIR ABUNDANCE - Simply put, does your car require extended cleaning efforts to clean up pet hair?
( the hour $65)

PIN STRIPING (or removal of) - Add a fresh new look to your car...or just replace the old with a new color! We also remove old deteriorating pinstripe!  
(COST...Case by Case)

P-63 POLY GARD™ PAINT SEALANT - High quality paint sealant that produces a long lasting shine on all types of automotive finishes. Amino functional polymers resist UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, insects, road film, harsh detergents & environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor automotive finishes prematurely. P-63 POLY GARD™ offers up to 6 months of lasting beauty and protection. This product contains no wax.
(COST...$30 upgrade with  any package that includes wax)

RainX WINDOWS - Who doesn't love RainX!! What a product! We can coat your windows to last about one month. 
(COST...Starting at $32.50)

3M SCOTCHGARD™ AUTO FABRIC & CARPET PROTECTION - Keep the interior of your car looking newer, longer! Whether your kids' car seats need an extra layer of defense, or you're trying to keep winter from doing a number on your carpets, Scotchgard™ Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector helps keep sticky messes and wintry mixes in check with superior resistance to water, oil and stains. Plus, it doesn't change the look and feel of fabrics, so upholstery stays soft and colors stay true. Learn more here!
(COST...Starting at $65) 

SPOT BUFFING - Typically for just a few spots or scratches that need to be Wet Sanded and Buffed out.
(COST...Starts at $65 / 1 Hr  Min.  Calculated by time)

​SPOT CLEAN - OOPS! Did Fido have a boo-boo on your seats? - For spot cleaning inside (or outside) of  your vehicle. 
(COST...Starts at $32.50 /.5 Hr Min.  Calculated by time)

SEAT REMOVAL (TYPICALLY FOR DIRTY CLOTH) - Want Clean? This is clean! Predominately used for a cloth upholstery, this is the very best chance at making a stained interior look its best. This service can take away years of "grossness" from a neglected interior.
​(COST...Starting at $99)

TRIM COATING (RENEW BLACK TRIM) - This is a "Kick Ass" product...not some cheap stuff from Auto Zone! It will rejuvenate your plastic exterior trim with multiple coats. The more we add, the deeper and longer it lasts. 
(COST...Case By Case)

UNDER CARRIAGE PAINTING -  We can "Black Out" any exposed areas in your whee lwells or the undercarriage of your vehicle
​(COST... $65 calculated by time)

VAC & DUST  - Our vacuum and dusting package is a nice way to tidy up your interior! 
​(COST...Starts at $32.50)

VINYL GRAPHICS REMOVE & INSTALL - If you have vinyl graphics on your vehicle and you need them removed, we can do that!  If you have graphics that you want to bring to us to install, we do that too!
(COST...Case by Case)

​WATER RESTORATION FOR INTERIORS - This can be from a small amount of water by leaving the window open to a full flooding of the interior of the car.  Processes can include simple surface exctractions to full blown restorations

WHEEL POLISHING - Wheel is removed then a deep washing, scrubbing of the "tuff stuff" & polishing on your wheels/rims to bring them back to their best possible look. This can be a lengthy process...not to mention one of the more dirty jobs in our list of Extra's. Ask us about Xzilon application to seal your wheels. 
(COST...Starting at $65 Each)

WINDSHIELD WIPER INSTALLATION - When was the last time you replaced your windshield wipers? If your car is coming in for service just tell us you want to install new wiper blades and we'll be happy to help you out! 
(COST...Most cars $32.50)

XZILON PAINT SEALANT - Don't be fooled by the high prices that dealers want to charge for your new cars protection!!  We use the very same products that the detail departments use, but charge a fraction of the price! This is a twice a year treatment to further aid regular waxing in the protection of UV rays, Bird Droppings & Bug protection! 
(COST...starting at $199 ea. application)    Want to step it up a few notches?

"You are true car enthusiasts, 
thanks for your dedication!"
Mark Sloan Lexington, KY, KY
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