After a long business trip I noticed that my car was covered with hundreds of small bits & splatters of concrete.  I have worked with Gorilla Shine  before and knew they would give me the best advice. 
I was told to bring it in for a look due to the “rare” nature of the situation.  
The news wasn't’ good, the only way to get it clean without severely scratching the paint was to perform an acid wash. 
This theoretically would remove the concrete but not harm the other surfaces of the car.  

They were honest and up-front with me stating this was a very delicate process and the results may be in question.  
I knew if anyone could figure it out, it would be them.  Well, they got the concrete off, polished my car and I got it back in showroom condition!  

Thanks you for the awesome job you did!

I would only trust Gorilla Shine to take care of my car!  Thanks again!

Diane Beidleman, Lexington 

Thanks for the outstanding job you did on the 02 Lexus GS300 I just purchased.  You made the car look new again and increased its value well above what I just paid for it.  Just as importantly, you were prompt, polite, professional and responsive.  I appreciated your no-BS approach and you did exactly what you said you would do.  I will be back.

David Royse, Lexington

* David ordered the following services to recondition his Black Lexus GS300:
- Full Detail
- Scratch Repair
- Paint Touch-up
- Rear Bumper Painted
- Machine Polish
customers love our detailing results!
...At GorillaShine, we do our very best to make every customer feel like they can trust in our products, process, services, prices and results.  

We don't claim to make your car "new" again, we just claim we'll give you an honest days work! That seems to be working pretty well!

After doing much internet research on car detailing in the Central Kentucky area, I found GorillaShine’s website.  I was looking for a company a "cut above" the normal detail shop and boy did that ever prove to be true!  My expectations were high and with 130k on my 2000 Lexus ES300 she needed a lot of attention.  After a day "in the shop" my car is now practically in "showroom condition"!  My original plans were to just trade the car in but the investment I made here will yield me an increase of at least $2000 on my selling price! In fact, my biggest dilemma now may be keeping the car for myself a while longer since it looks so nice!  I will definitely be using Gorilla Shine in the future for all my car cleaning and detailing needs."
Jack C. Lewis II  Frankfort, KY 

GorillaShine saved me a $1,000!! 
I backed out of the garage and broke off the drivers side mirror. The fluid that heats the mirror leaked out and severely stained the silver paint on my Lexus. A paint repair man came and didn't even charge me after trying with no luck to remove the stains. I took it to my dealer and had a the body shop look at the damage and it was estimated at a $1,400 repair. I decided to let it be since my deductible was $1,000. Shortly after, my regular scheduled cleaning with GorillaShine came due, and after looking at it they pulled a rabbit out of his hat and removed about 80% of the stains!  They didn't even charge me for the extra efforts and the results were amazing considering what I had been through! Thank you for your above and beyond service. Your a wonderful business and I'll look forward to continuing my service for a long time! 

Sally Hamilton, Lexington
Thank you. Your service is excellent and you all are pleasant to deal with! 
Gabrielle Fisher Lexington, KY 
I've never even heard of a service like this until I drove by you! I'm happy to have found you . Thanks for the outstanding job!
Steve Fisher Lexington, KY 
What a concept!  Man you  guys really know your stuff! My Truck turned out great.  I'll be back for more!
Chuck Hayden Lexington, KY
What a fantastic experience!  I spoke with GorillaShine on the phone several times before I decided to use this detail service.  I shopped around and they were not the least expensive, but sounded very knowledgeable and accommodating.  I made an appointment and have had several more since then.  They made my SUV look amazing!  I definitely recommend GorillaShine!
Michelle Stevens  Lexington, KY 
After reading an impressive resume, I decided to give GorillaShine a call.  From the moment I met the guys the service was excellent!  They reconditioned my 03 BMW 540 to look like the day it rolled off the showroom floor.  This is the only place in town I will entrust with our cars!  You are true car enthusiast! Thanks for your dedication!
Mark Sloan Lexington, KY  
Chris, you were our guardian angel on Tuesday during our unfortunate incident on the highway in Lexington.  Your help allowed us to transport the girls to Tennessee State University successfully! Your guys took great care of us!  I wish we could have more people in the world like you guys!

The preceding letter was written after one of my Shift Leaders stopped while on duty to help Karen and her daughters in distress with a flat tire on their way through Lexington.  I was very touch by this letter, as it truly reflects the very soul in which we try our best to take care of our customers and our business.
Karen Rosser Columbia, MD  
Your service worked great for me!  When I brought my car back, my husband saw it driving up the street and didn't even know it was ours!!  I couldn't believe how great it turned out, it was like having a new car again! Then, this morning when I got in it , the feeling I had, was as if I just opened a wonderful Christmas present!  I just want to say...in the days of "rare" good customer service, and  typically over paying for sub-par results, you have excelled. Thanks your for  the spectacular job and service!

Lynn Bertsch, Lexington 

* Lynn ordered the following services to recondition her Green 98 BMW 528i w/ 94,000 miles:
- Ultimate Detail 
- Headlight Restoration 
- Paint Touch-up 
- Dent Removal (Whole car)

We are so pleased with your work.  You have brought my car back to life and kept us from having to buy a new one!  I know it sounds funny, but a really nice detail has ended up saving us money.       
People have noticed that my car looks great too.  You were even able to suck out all that stuff that falls in between the seats that traditional car wash places haven't even attempted to get.  I just assumed it was there to stay!  I will highly recommend Gorilla Shine to all my friends! 
Becky Caldwell Lexington, KY 

* Becky ordered the following services to recondition her Gray 04 Honda Pilot  w/ 76,000 miles:
- Full Detail 

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